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Hi, this is Coral and welcome back to my channel! today I have an awesome topic for you how many times you went shopping online you added some things to your cart you kept shopping and then you clicked on that cart icon and you just saw this huge amount and you were like whatever forget about it am I am not going to get it today well today I’m here to give you eight ways to save money when shopping online.

I’ll give you some tips on how to reduce the amount of your cart and get everything you want for much much less so let’s start saving let’s just get into it first way to save money online is to subscribe for newsletter I know you hate getting all these emails in your inbox which is why I definitely recommend opening a second mailbox for all your spam and subscriptions this way whenever you need something you just go to that email you look through all the offers you have and you can decide what you want to buy.

This way you’ll get all the latest news about sales going on about coupons that different websites sent you and you can stay up-to-date with everything that is going on and get some inspiration about websites you should shop at so if you’re looking for a couch maybe you have two different websites and you see that one of them is offering you a better deal you should definitely go with that one most of the times when you go to a website for the first time you will have this window asking you to subscribe for that.

Websites newsletter go ahead and put your email in because most of the times they will send you an offer as a first time visitor these offers are usually the best ones they’re usually 15 percent off free shipping even I’ve gotten twenty percent off so you should definitely do that these are some great ways to save money my second tip is to always join the rewards program we have some really awesome rewards programs out there some of the examples are Delta where you can accumulate points and use those points or as they’re called “SkyMiles” for free flights or flights for like ten dollars.

I actually flew to Europe for only $75 this summer so that was pretty great the second rewards program is DSW the more you shop on their website you accumulate points and you can get 10 dollars off your next purchase with Sephora you also accumulate points you can apply them towards free sample products that’s a nice way to try things and get those expensive products for free and my favorite rewards program is the Papa John’s because who doesn’t like free pizza?

The more you purchase papa john’s pizza online or place your orders online you accumulate points and with these points, you can get free food, who doesn’t love free food? I LOVE free food so you can get breadsticks or things like that all the way to pizza with two toppings three toppings whatever the more points you have the better things you can get my third tip is to just add things to your cart leave the website and wait to get an email a lot of times I’ve gotten emails saying “oh you forgot something here is a discount 10% off” “oh you forgot something in your cart here is free shipping on us” different things like that will make your purchase much more valuable if you wait like two three days and you don’t get an email then the website doesn’t do that, you can go back and just purchase with different ways that I’ll show you I know.

With kate spade I added something to my car left the website and they sent me an offer for free shipping I also did that with urban decay before and they sent me a coupon for a deluxe sample of one of their products that I can get in addition to my purchase my fourth and favorable way to save money when shopping online is this amazing website called honey.

I will give you a link down below so you can go ahead and sign up you can download their Chrome extension for your browser so every time you go to a website their icon will pop up and show you some coupons that are available for that website so you don’t need to look for them they will all be right there every time you go to a website once you go to check out honey will actually pop up and tell you “hey do you want us to try all these amazing coupons for you?” and obviously you’re going to say it because they’re going to do all the work for you what they do is they just try all the coupons in your cart they apply all of them and then they end up choosing the best one and they apply to your cart so you can get all the good savings another great thing is that on some websites that you go to the honey icon will show up.

Now you can click on that and activate their kind of cash back offer so you get points for shopping on those different websites and eventually these points transfer to money that you can get back so you’re shopping, spending money, and then they just pay for it another great feature is that on websites like Amazon you can go to a specific product and it will tell you if there is a cheaper version of that product, for example, I saw a product but I had to pay taxes for it so what honey did is that they found the same exact product with prime shipping for the same price but I didn’t have to pay taxes on that one so I actually saved like a buck or something like that.

Sometimes it will find a much cheaper product for you maybe not with prime shipping but you can save a few dollars on items like that my fifth way to save money is pretty obvious but some people don’t do that is to just look for coupons so for example, i want to buy something online from Ulta I’ll just google Ulta coupons Ulta promo codes and I will get a few options my favorite website to do that is RetailMeNot I feel they’re the most credible every time I see a coupon there and it’s not expired and it has good reviews it always works so I definitely recommend to try RetailMeNot.

If you can’t find anything on there just google the name of the website and the word coupon next to it my sixth way is to always try amazon a lot of times they have much better deals on amazon than in stores or anywhere else so always check before you buy, they have really good deals and you can also buy used items or sometimes they have “used like new” which is almost brand new condition so always always always check on amazon it’s so easy you just copy the name of the product, go to amazon, you can see it for a lower price.

My seventh way is to google the name of the product that you’re looking for and then click on the shoppings option on google because then you see for a specific product the different websites that sell it and the prices so sometimes you can find the same exact product for lower price on a different website and that is such an easy way it just shows you all the prices at once it even shows you if there’s a coupon code for that website and it will mark it for you so another way to save money my eighth and last way to save money when shopping online is the website Ebates.

Go ahead sign up and open an account this great website just gives you money for spending money so before you go shopping let’s say I want to shop at target today I will go to the Ebates website I will click on target and it will send me to their website now it will follow all the transactions that I make on the website and will give me a percentage back so they just pay you for shopping how great? they usually give three to four percent which sounds a little but it does accumulate and think about it, it’s money you were already about to spend and you’re getting back, so that’s just a bonus they do have promotions where they will have bigger cash back or you can go to some website that will have an actual sale going.

Some products are on sale so definitely keep looking at the website at all time when you go shopping these were all my tips for you today if you want me to do a more specific industry video I can do about like hotels and flights or makeup or clothing just let me know in the comments below and I will try to make a video for that and last but not least if you liked this video and you thought it was helpful please click on the like button I actually don’t make any money from it but it just makes this video more visible for people who are looking for that information so let’s try to share this great information with some more people out there thank you so much for watching my video I hope you find my tips helpful and you will use them to save some money.

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