African Black Soap Skin Care Products with Activated Charcoal. Organic. Handmade. Essential Oils Infused Bar Soap. Our Fresh Version. Heal Face and Body Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis. Clear up Skin Conditions. Ideal Gift

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What you are about to witness is amazing

We only add Organic Materials, No Lab testing, No Steroids, No Harm to the environment. Restore, Renew and Protect your Skin while providing Deep Hydration and Moisture Lock benefits which is what begins the healing process for Dermatological Care.

What’s the #1 source of skin irritation in your bathroom?
It’s the chemicals in your cosmetics and skin soaps. Ohhhh Man!
A study in 2010 found that more than a third of people had at least one allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients (WebMD)
This is NOT your ordinary Soap. Not even close! We help the planet, plus over deliver on everything.

-No chemicals or strong smelling perfumes
-Resistant to bacteria, since soaps are infused with anti-bacterial essential oils
-Made from plant-based/renewable resources
-Get 50% more Lasting power over other soaps: Just cut the Soap into halves or cubes and use. Our soap is so clean that it cuts like butter and will last you ages if you cut into smaller pieces.
-pH neutral
-100% natural
-Easy to hold
-Dries quickly. Soft, unlike competitors soaps
-Cruelty free
-Handmade in the CANADA


-NO Petroleum
-NO Gluten
-NO Latex
-NO Artificial Colours & fragrances
-NO Petrochemicals
-NO Parabens
-NO Phthalates
-NO Synthetics
-NO Toxins
-NO Animal products (vegan-friendly)
-NO Animal testing (cruelty-free)
-NO Synthetics
Doesn’t your family deserve clean, organic skin care that does the job while keeping your environment & family skin allergy free?
Activate your Soaps with water & lather away. Allow the soap to sit on your skin in order for the skin to absorb all oils and essential oils.
Evict bacteria from your skin. 

Product Features

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: ORGANIC, SHEA MOISTURE FACE AND BODY WASH. We put our best selling Black ORGANIC SOAP into a 2 Pack, due to popular demand. Our Activated Bamboo and Essential Oils and butters are 100% Pure, Natural, Handmade, Detoxifying and Soothing on the skin. with Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter. Made Locally, in Vancouver Canada by a mom, from a soap recipe passed down for decades.

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