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Fred White was born on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and grew up in the village of Marigot. He worked in broadcasting for 24 years, which included radio and television. He got involved in developing websites from 1996 and is the owner of the CAKAFETE Family of sites. Fred relocated to North America in 2003 and now living in Canada. He is a proud Canadian Entrepreneur.


  1. Please update tomorrow or today rather your doing better with headaches and blood pressure… Praying for you!

  2. aaww don’t be nervous you ladies are gonna be great mommies. Once he’s here that nervousness is gonna go away quick. Wish y’all the best of luck!!

  3. yesss that cervix checl aiiint noooo joke! lol. I had my 1st one last week && I go baq tomorrow && I’m dreading it to the MAX smh.

  4. So excited for the both of y’all.. Just stay calm and well rested for baby Ace! Hopefully we get to see a delivery video.. Good luck ladies!!!

  5. She did that on purpose !!!!
    You lost some mucus plug

    Stripping those membranes to get this baby moving !
    We can’t wait to hear what is going on.

    Rest up mamas.

    See y’all soon.

    • +SunshineJoi Yeahhhh, we figured that’s what it was…she could’ve warned us though!! Hahaha! ~Ray

  6. Awe sis yes I hated the cervical checks… Heck I hate them now lol… But I’m praying for I both and I certainly want u in good health so I’m praying that everything works out and Baby Ace makes his debut soon and my sons birthday is Friday so maybe he will come on his big cousins birthday lol

    • +kaye ball Looks like Ace wanted to come a day after his cousin’s birthday!! We have some Handsome Sag’s on our hands…~Ray

  7. Awwww I can’t wait to see baby “A” either “girls”!!! Get rest a lower that blood pressure sometimes it could be what you eat that causes that…. I so love your personality 🙂 you guys will be great parents!!!

  8. Girl, please don’t apologize for TMI in a pregnancy video. Lol 😉 Sounds like your mucus plug came out. You’re looking great! Can’t wait to see Mr. Ace! He’ll be here very soon! 💃

    • +BreezynFAB Yeah, we figured it was part or all of our mucus plug! Just wish we had some warning!!! Hahaha! ~Ray

  9. Hope you get some needed rest before the little one comes along Ray and you got the best birth partner avery she will make you laugh all the way and then pass out at the end 😂

  10. How exciting! Hahah what bags??? You look fine hun. And c’mon Ace, your parents want you to get out and says you’re evicted lol I would have told the midwife never to touch me again lolll got you bleeding and stuff is not good.

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