Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones s9 & s9 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy mobile phones series the Galaxy s9 and s9 plus are the newest of the Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones and according to one Youtube cell phone enthusiasm, Mashable senior tech correspondent for Ray Wong, who previewed the s9 and s9+, cell phones we found his comments to be very interesting. In his review, he concludes that the cell phone giant, Samsung has been inching closer and closer towards the ultimate smartphone for years, but always came up short.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones s9 & s9 Plus ReviewHowever, in his opinion, Samsung did not fail the consumers this year because Samsung nailed everything on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ making the Galaxy S9 and S9+ look pretty similar to last year’s Galaxy S8. However, he said, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The senior tech correspondent pointed out that Samsung finally made some iconic phones that rival the iPhone on build-quality. The phones are still super slippery, he noted and they pick up fingerprints really easily. But however, he said, if you’re worried about that, just get a case (and there are many on the market including at Bestbuy). Otherwise, the phones, he added, are gorgeous and they feel fantastic.

According to Samsung, he pointed out, the S9’s big upgrade is the reimagined camera. the new camera takes better photos and videos. But what is really impressive are all the little details that Samsung got right in the rest of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones s9 & s9 Plus ReviewThings like putting the fingerprint sensor in the right spot on the back of the phone, or finally including stereo speakers for louder and crisper sound. There’s also a really nice feature called “Intelligent Scan” which lets you use both the face unlock and the iris scanner at the same time.

Like On the S8, it was only possible to use one or the other. The Emoji are fantastic. and The feature lets you turn your selfies into GIFs or stickers that you can send to your friends or share on social media. You can say that is basically Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Animoji.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones | Samsung Galaxy s9 vs s9+Some people think they’re creepy and weird. But, personally there is fun and you can add quirky to the list. and the animoji can be seen as very personable.

For the score on the Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones s9 & s9 Plus camera, you can add its as much better.

For the first time on any smartphone, the camera has two aperture settings. One for low-light shots and one for daylight photos. In auto mode, the camera automatically switches between the two apertures depending on the lighting conditions. The photos look really great with rich colors and sharp details, and low-light shots are definitely improved.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones s9 & s9 PlusSelfies look pretty nice too. If you’re into that kind of thing. But I wouldn’t say the S9’s cameras are significantly better than the iPhone X or Google Pixel 2.

One interesting new feature in the camera on the Samsung s9 models is the Super Slow Motion capture. The video mode shoots at 960 frames per second. Which is four times faster than the iPhone slow-mo. It’s pretty fun to play with at first, but it gets old pretty fast. If you really care about the camera, getting the S9+ is the deal which has a secondary camera for those sweet portrait shots.

While the phone’s design hasn’t changed much. But ask yourself, does it even matter? but its better have a phone that’s faster and has better cameras, and still has staples like a headphone jack, wireless charging, and water resistance instead of a phone that looks new for the first few days.

Now you can have your Samsung Galaxy mobile phones s9 and s9 Plus pre-order online at Bestbuy or in your local Bestbuy store with a  select plan from your favorite mobile store.Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones s9 & s9 Plus

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