Stop and Shop Locally – The Advantages of Supporting Local Businesses

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stop and shopAllow me to the moment to pose the question “why stop and shop at local businesses?” Let us face it; we all live in a global economy and think about your last ten purchases. It is OK if we venture to say that most of the items that we find in local stores around us are all produced outside of our local community, and that is probably even in a different country too. Things are so easily accessible today especially with access to the Internet, also connected with other parts of the world that we don’t think twice about the origination of items that we purchase. Also, how our purchases may affect our local communities progress. Have you ever thought how the growth of a global economy might affect your local economy? So, again, I ask “why stop and shop from local businesses?” Let me furnish you some reasons to consider.

Why it is necessary, you should purchase from locally owned businesses.

stop and shopThe first reason that you need to consider why it’s important to stop and shop at your local business is to help keep dollars in the local economy, no question ask. It is straightforward. Locally owned businesses recycle a more significant portion of their the revenue back into the localized economy, and that is especially when you compare them to the big chain stores. Reading economic books, it is not hard to understand just how quickly money cycles out of a local economy as people shop more and more at the large business chain stores. Therefore, this is a big reason why in some areas the smaller, local businesses go out of business fast as the big corporations come in.

The Power Of Stop And Shop In The Local Community

Another big reason making it very necessary to stop and shop at locally owned business is to help local jobs and contribute to better wages for locals working in your local store. Locally owned businesses also support the creation of more local jobs. In most industries, locally owned companies also offer better pay and benefits in comparison to the vast chains.

stop and shopAnother reason to stop and shop locally is to support entrepreneurship in your community. Why is enterprise so important? The support of entrepreneurship serves as an essential means for individuals and families to get out of low-wage occupations and into the middle class. Our country thrives off of the innovation of entrepreneurs. They fuel our economic prosperity. It is also a great answer to our financial problems that lots of us are facing in these tough times today.

Why Stop And Shop Near Me For All The Items You Need

The list of reasons goes on and on. Next time you are wanting to head out the door and drive to the nearest “big box” supermarket, stop and think about supporting your local business because your support in every way very much needed.


Fred White was born on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and grew up in the village of Marigot. He worked in broadcasting for 24 years, which included radio and television. He got involved in developing websites from 1996 and is the owner of the CAKAFETE Family of sites. Fred relocated to North America in 2003 and now living in Canada. He is a proud Canadian Entrepreneur.

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