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Aroma Season Instant Pain Relief Neck and Shoulder Wrap, Aromatherapy Heated Neck Pillow, Grain Pad, Soothing Aches and Tension, Migraine, Headache, Injures, Arthritis. …

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  • Luxury and high quality with extra big size 16x16x5 inches and sufficient filling, weight 1625g.
  • Its soothing warm or cool touch melts stress and muscle tension, promoting a sense of wellbeing.
  • Aromatherapy: Warm in the microwave to release scents of our comforting herbal blends. The blends of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint will calm the senses and embrace you in an aura of sweet comfort.
  • Heat Therapy: The wrap will cradle you tired body in gentle warmth and fragrant herbs, ease your aches and pains.
  • Cool therapy: Chill in freezer and let the cold therapy treat sports injuries, relieve headaches, or cool you down on hot summer days.

Aroma Season Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap
Size:18x16x4.5 inches
Weight: 1625g
fabric: high quality super soft minky
Ingredients: flaxseed, clay beads, lavender, lemongrass, chamonmile, peppermint

Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes for a deep, penetrating heat. May heat additionally in 30 sec increments, if desired. Optionally, the wrap may be chilled in the freezer for a cool, refreshing experience. For cool therapy, place in a large zip lock bag and keep in freezer for at least 1 hour.

neck and shoulders pain, ache, arthritis, headache, migraine, backache, back pain, injury, muscle aches, muscle soreness, muscle tension

Care Instruction
Spot clean only, Do not get grain pack wet

Do not leave unattended while heating. Always check the temperature before using. Do not use this product on persons with diabetes, nerve damage, circulatory disease, damaged or broken skin or persons unable to remove this product including infants, children and...

Bãno Soft Bath Body Brush with 16” Long Bamboo Handle Soft PBT – For Shower & Bath – Ideal For Deep Soft Clean Bathing – Adorable Flower Design – Perfect Gift Idea (Violet)

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  • LIMITED TIME PROMO! SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW FAVORITE BATHROOM ACCESSORY! Enjoy a bath like never before, thanks to this fantastic bathroom brush with hair so soft that it feels exactly like silk - a unique bathroom addition that you shouldn't miss!
  • RUB, SCRUB & ENJOY! Thanks to its long handle and super soft hair, our brush is ideal for a variety of uses, such as rubbing or brushing your back, and is absolutely perfect for exfoliating dead cells and leaving you with a glowing, silky smooth skin!
  • PRACTICAL HANDLE & ELEGANT DESIGN! Our 16" long brush has a practical, ergonomically designed handle which makes it easier to use for people of all body types and heights, while the elegant flower design makes it lovely-looking wherever you store it!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS! We at Bano only want our customers' loyalty and satisfaction, which is why we use the finest quality materials and up-to-date production processes to offer you the best possible products at antagonistic prices!
  • A FINE PRESENT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES! Whether for your sister, your wife, your significant other, or your best friend, this gorgeous long-handled body brush is the best gift idea you can think of; smart, practical, easy to use, and affordable!

Revitalise Your Skin & Senses With This Wonderful Bath Brush That Is Brought To You By Bano!  

Are you looking for a premium quality long hand-brush that will turn your baths and showers into an exotic, relaxing experience?   

Or are you in the market for an elegant and practical gift to offer?  

Whichever the case, this fantastic soft bathroom brush made of bamboo is just the thing you need!  
A Must-Have Accessory For Any Bathroom!  

Taking a bath or a shower is more of a simple act of self-cleaning; it is a relaxation process that calms the mind, empties it from stress and worries, while it helps the body recharge its batteries and let go of any tension.   

This is what makes a sturdy, high-end quality bathroom brush a precious bathroom tool; it needs to be hard enough to clean you effectively, while soft enough not to hurt your skin and offer it a healthy glow after you're done!  

Our superior long-handled exfoliating shower and bath brush is the perfect accessory that you can use to...

Banyan Botanicals Sleep Easy Oil - USDA Certified Organic, 4 oz - Herbal Sleep Aid to Promote Relaxation and Calm the Mind

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  • NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA! Our top Ayurvedic sleep oil blend now uses unscented, refined sesame oil for a base, in combination with coconut and sunflower oils to help you sleep. Each batch of Sleep Easy Oil il is steeped with several pounds of high quality, organic jasmine flowers to enhance the oil's subtle and calming floral fragrance.
  • Fans of our original sleep oil can still rest easy knowing that the key ingredients haven't changed. This new formulation retained our synergistic blend of natural herbs for sleep, including ashwagandha, bala, and guduchi to help relax your body and mind, allowing you to sleep like a baby and stay asleep through the night.
  • Ayurveda has long recognized the benefits of self-massage for sleep. Just before bedtime, massage a small amount of this herbal oil onto the head, temples, and the soles of the feet to promote warmth, comfort, and calm. Let the tension of your day melt away with our new formulation of Sleep Easy Oil-sweet dreams!
  • Banyan Botanicals is committed to producing the highest quality Ayurvedic products using USDA certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. All our products are 3rd party tested to ensure product quality and safety.
  • The Healthy Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with one of our products, we will gladly accept returns for a full product refund.

Deep Restful Sleep

This calming oil brings you powerful Ayurvedic herbs that promote healthy sleep patterns and deep rest and relaxation. Healthy sleep patterns are crucial as they allow the body to restore and rejuvenate while letting the mind process, learn, and de-stress. This cooling and soothing formula is intended to be used with the traditional method of head and foot massage at night before going to bed. Application to the head, temples, and soles of the feet helps ground the light and mobile nature of vata and balance the sharp and active nature of pitta, promoting the heavier qualities needed for sleep. The blend is in a base of four organic oils, which come together to bring nourishment, subtle warmth for penetration, and gentle cooling for relaxation. Sleep Easy Oil is then finished with a hint of jasmine and chamomile flowers, bringing soothing scents with ever so mild floral notes. Massage this oil into your head and feet for a rejuvenating night of rest.

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