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Premium Exercise PS Athletic Ballet Stretch Band for Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Pilates. Improves Flexibility, Stretching and Helps Prevent Injury.!

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  • A MUST-HAVE for any dancer, gymnast or cheerleader! Help increase flexibility, posture and form. Deepens stretch without the help of another person. Great for both static (hold) and dynamic (moving) stretching. Reduces risk of injury, gradually stretching and lengthening your muscles. Strengthens muscle groups. Is a safe and effective way of using resistance training.
  • VERSATILITY IS KEY! Our bands are designed to be used by children and adults alike, 4'8" to 5'11". This band can be used for many different stretches and poses including: Arabesque Scorpion Turnouts Hamstring Gluteus Muscles Quadriceps Biceps Triceps Shoulders Whether it is for improving technique, physical or occupational therapy, yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, or simply to increase your flexibility, this is your band of choice.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE TO USE! This is a premium product from a premium brand. We stand out from our competition as the size of our band makes it so it WON'T CUT into SKIN during stretches, and makes for a more DURABLE band. Our band is the only band on the market with this custom sizing. PS Bands are made using a layering process; we do not use a molded, mass production for our Premium Exercise Bands. This prevents unexpected breaking or snapping. 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens)
  • EASY TO USE! Detailed instructions in the images show how to easily get into and out of the center stretch position. Sized for CHILDREN and ADULTS, 4'8" to 5'11". The layering method allows for a smooth force/elongation curve, beneficial for most exercises/stretches. Start slow. 10-15 seconds in each stretch is a good place to start. Listen to your body. If it hurts, that is your body's way of telling you to stop. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist before using if you have had an injury
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We are so confident you are going to love our band, we guarantee it. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase. We stand behind our products! We are confident that you will love the PS Athletic brand of products. We are committed to the highest quality of both materials and production. And will not settle for less. We will make every effort to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Our Premium Exercise Band is specially designed for dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, yogis and those looking to prevent injury by using stretching exercises. Really, any athlete who is wanting to deepen their stretch pre or post workout will benefit from use of our exercise bands. These heavy duty latex bands allow the user to stretch hands free, getting into and holding positions more easily than without this band. The thickness of our bands allows for a more comfortable stretch than our competitors. It is less likely to "dig in" to your skin because of the width. The Premium Exercise Bands are built using a layered method which prevents snapping/breaking. As the band begins to wear, much like strings of a rope, the layers will begin to wear. This is your indication that it is time to replace the band. Bands WILL NOT SNAP without warning! The high quality construction of our PREMIUM EXERCISE stretch bands have long term quality, durability and elasticity. We are so confident that...

Forward Head Posture Fix

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  • FIX UGLY FORWARD HEAD POSTURE AND TEXT NECK: Learn exactly how to hit every single key neck muscle with targeted, move-by-move videos of each and every exercise within Rick's "sequential flow" and fix your posture with a program so simple, clear and effective that it'll become second nature in no time at all.
  • BREAK FREE FROM NECK, BACK AND SHOULDER PAIN NATURALLY: Without the stress on your neck, shoulder and back muscles the pain will dissipate along with the tension headaches. Our program has helped many patients with nagging aches and stiffness return to living the full and active lives.
  • SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS: Forward Head Posture causes your joints to degrade faster, its elimination will roll back the whole process. With a better, more balanced posture, the chance of developing a hunch as you get older rapidly decreases.
  • WALK TALLER AND MORE CONFIDENTLY: Correcting your posture may add up to two inches to your overall height as your body naturally lengthens and your curved back and shoulders straighten.
  • ACT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Untreated forward head posture is like a ticking time bomb for your overall health, that's why you need to act NOW before the damage becomes irreversible (you really could be days away from causing irreparable harm to your body).


REASON #1 - LOOK AND FEEL SLIMMER: Correct your posture and you'll automatically look slimmer when you lose the ugly turtle neck that squashes your belly outwards. Women will instantly make their chest look bigger and their waist slimmer through this quick head forward posture routine. As you start fixing your posture, you'll notice your clothes start to fit a little better. You'll also notice more and more comments from colleagues and friends that you look like you've lost weight, even turning heads in the office.

REASON #2 - GREATER CONFIDENCE: People with slumped shoulders display a lack of self-confidence. According to a study, 92% of people were able to generate positive thoughts by adopting a better posture. If you have good posture, you'll make a positive impression on others and instantly feel more confident and empowered.


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