2021 You Must-Have the DSMART V100S

2021 You Must-Have the DSMART V100S i recomend this product

Today in my post, I recommend DSMART V100S, a fitness tracker, a piece of equipment that you must-have even more than running shoes. That piece of equipment is an upgraded version from a previous one. What is it? It is a fitness tracker or nicknamed a running watch. These fitness gadgets are relatively new on the market, and people were happily running without them for many years before they were invented. But the fact remains that these are great devices, and this new technology (while being around for some time) can make a big difference in your running and your weight loss for lots of reasons.

Now, whether you opt for a fitness tracker or a running watch, there are a few things to look for. The best devices need to have:

GPS, A pedometer, Barometer, and Heartrate monitor; That’s the DSMART V100S

It then allows you to track your route, measure your distance, count your steps, and even measure your steps, that can also collate that information to tell you all kinds of other things, such as:

Your VO2 max (in some cases, Your MHR (maximum heart rate), Your average heartrate, Your lowest heartrate, Your best split (the time it took you to complete one mile/kilometer), Your average split, Your best pace, Your average pace, Your precise route, Your calories burned, Your overall distance, Your maximum elevation or Your number of steps.

The information presented here makes running even more fun, and you might say, a lot more fun and rewarding. The big question is why you can now see the exact distance running without setting out a specific route before heading out. It also makes a big difference because you do not have to know where you want to go; still, you can monitor your progress and see the improvement.

It means that you can go outside and start running without planning the route first and then deciding to precisely stick to it. For me, this is one of my favorite things about running – it allows me to explore new areas and find new locations in my neighborhood. I discovered parks of various types, restaurants, cafes, and shops by running around. Also, I get to know tons more shortcuts on my mission. It’s also really rewarding for your sense of direction and your local map running route.

The new experience allows you to turn running into a chance to explore and discover new things, which is very exciting and motivating than simply running that same route every day, time, and time again. Therefore, it also means you can set yourself new challenges and aims that will improve your consciousness. An example is one week you might find you drastically increase your average pace and split; another week, you might see that your heart rate stays much lower while you do the same run.

Before the coming of smartwatches, we who take our running seriously had no reasonable way to tell if we were making progress in our running schedules. For that shortcoming, it made us in some way or the other less satisfying than going to the gym, where we would be able to see the value of weight move go up each time. Suddenly, you can see incremental progress, and this makes it much more addictive.

You can also use this to set specific goals if you want to improve in specific domains. And as we’ll learn, this will also make it much easier for you to lose weight. You can do things like monitoring the time you spend in your fat-burning zone, or you can go on ‘tempo runs’ and try and push your anaerobic threshold. And trying to maintain a certain pace is also very useful if you want to train for a marathon where the whole point is to maintain a certain speed over the distance. All this is possible, thanks to a running watch as the DSMART V100S fitness tracker!

2021 You Must-Have the DSMART V100S
  • About the 2021 Version Fitness Tracker, the new version has adopted the updated Bluetooth 5.0 and the advanced HR, Skin & Body Temperature monitor technologies. Also, along with a bigger 1.14″ IPS screen; Unique and Easier to use “SLIDE BUTTON.”
  • The new version now has 7-21 days long battery life. It is light-weight and comfortable wearing. It also offers you a brand-New experience fitness tracker and a perfect choice as a starter fitness watch. It is a nice gift for ones’ family member or a close friend.
  • It is a 24/7 Activity Tracking + 6 Sports Modes; The DSMART V100S can automatically count each step you take accurately. It checks calories burnt & walking distance every day. To achieve all of the benefits of the DSMART V100S, you need to input your accurate Height and Weight to get more accurate counting.
  •  The fitness tracker also provides six professional WORKOUT modes for cycling, running, and even walking outdoors and indoors. It can also connect with your mobile phone’s GPS to draw the map on the supporting App. The V100S is the perfect choice as a starter fitness watch.
  • It has advanced HR Monitor Technologies, equipped with advanced and updated PPG sensors. The V100S provides three ways to monitor your heartbeat: (1) – Real-time Detection from the watch; (2) – continuously HR monitor your workouts with Max. BPM reminder to help you achieve fitness goals and exercise more efficiently and safely; (3) – Automatically 24/7 hours HR tracking and record your data on the supporting App for your tracking.


  • The new version has innovative skin & body temperature monitor detected by a sensitive infrared sensor. This V100S can accurately measure your skin temperature on the wrist. It can calculate your body temperature after turn on “Temperature Compensation” on the supporting App. It has an automatic all-day temperature monitor, and all the data will be recorded and synced to the App to let you know the temperature trend and how it varies.


  • The Sleep monitor included in the new tracker can help you understand sleep quality and improve your sleeping behavior. WheAfter connecting with your phone by Bluetooth, V100S can sync the SMS and App push notifications, remind you of the incoming call, and reject or mute the incoming call. There are other important features like the Stopwatch, Countdown, Alarm; Camera Remote is also available. The V100S is compatible with most smartphones whose system versions are Android 4.4 and iOS9.0 or above by the supporting App.

DSMART V100S Live Results

2021 You Must-Have the DSMART V100S

In continuing with our conversation, the aim is not to push ourselves but rather to have a nice run. We’re aiming to enjoy this run and to make it gentle, sustainable, and non-intimidating. We’re learning to run and not trying to burn off any fat for now. While that positive attitude can help a lot, what you also need to do if this is going to work is to make sure you have the right training gear. That can make a big difference to your comfort and, therefore, to your ability to stick with it.

The first and most important piece of a running kit is ones’ running shoe. When one starts running, you will invest in this shoe, becoming your best friend. If you think there is motivation heading out and hit the tarmac using your old, threadbare shoes, then that’s not wrong, but then you’ll quickly find that it hurts and that you don’t want to keep putting very longer.

Spending $100 on a set of shoes, though, and you’ll notice a massive difference. You will be faster, you will be less likely to injure yourself, and it will be a lot more of a pleasant ‘ride’ (to use the same terminology as the shoe manufacturers!).

Just know that you need good shoes if you want any chance of sticking with your running!

Also, on your list, you’re going to need some running clothes. Once again, you can go running in what you’re wearing right now, but if you invest in some good clothes, you’re going to find them comfortable and much more enjoyable. The running clothes that you choose need to be breathable and warm at the same time. You’ll also find that you don’t get as cold when running outside in the dark, but you also don’t sweat profusely either.

More importantly, you’ll greatly reduce chaffing. It is a big issue, especially as you start to run long distances. Later on, we’ll discuss things like nipple tape, but for now, you need to worry about the itching and the rash that comes from wearing shorts as they move over your leg – or the nasty rash you can get under your armpit from a t-shirt. What you will be looking for is an under layer.

Also, this will be some form of compression gear like compression trousers and a compression top. You want these to cling tightly to your skin and provide that breathable warmth we talked about earlier. They will also be protecting your skin from the material of your clothes as they move around.

Other optional extras include a portable water bottle (you can get ones that fit neatly into one hand while you’re running) and a sweatband if you struggle with sweat. Headphones can also be good if you want some music to spur you along – although these can get a little sweaty, and it’s nice often to listen to the sounds of nature.

2021 You Must-Have the DSMART V100S i recommend this product

Do you wonder why I picked the DSMART V100S fitness tracker? That’s the brand I picked, and I am satisfied it is what it says. The 100s of reviews about this product, the DSMART V100S, are compelling, and I have no regrets. It is simple to set up. Download the app, pair the tracker to your mobile phone, and you are set to go.

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